Top Vacuums - Pick Tips from Syracuse rug cleaner ABC Including Recommendations from Consumer Reports

To choose the top vacuums from a field of so many different types, shapes, colors, and, of course,  different price points, can be a daunting task. Below is some help to narrow down your choice... Read More »

Better Health for your Syracuse Home with Clean Rugs

Better health is everyone's concern. We shop for healthy foods. We take our vitamins. We visit our doctor on a regular basis. We drink filtered water. What we might not appreciate is the value... Read More »

Trusted Syracuse Area Rug Cleaner Office Tips on Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Ceramic tile cleaning, and especially grout cleaning, of your kitchen floors and walls may well be one of the most time-consuming, messiest, and back-breaking jobs in your home. Over time, dirt... Read More »

Syracuse Area Rug Cleaning Specialist Offers Advice on Choosing Wet vs Dry Cleaning for Your Wall-to-Wall...

Carpet Cleaning-Wet vs Dry Cleaning Wet vs dry cleaning for your carpets? In most areas of the country, you can find wall-to-wall carpet cleaning companies who use exclusively wet or exclusively... Read More »

Your Professional Area Rug Cleaner Can Tell You How to Choose the Right Carpet Fiber for Your Home's Needs

To choose carpet fiber that will work best for you, there is an easy answer... But first: IMAGINE...   You are shopping for new carpet, perhaps just a few rooms. Two of the rooms are... Read More »

Professional Area Rug Cleaner Explains Why Soil & Stain Protector Added After a Professional Cleaning Really...

Did you request a Soil and Stain Protector the last time your carpets were cleaned? Have you ever experienced that ‘feel good’ feeling of having a freshly-cleaned carpet, rug or... Read More »

Trusted Syracuse Rug Cleaner Offers Tips on How to Extend Your Carpet Life

EXTEND YOUR CARPET LIFE ESSENTIAL TIPS Of course it makes sense to want to extend your carpet life, if you are a responsible home owner. (Please note, in this article, we are talking... Read More »

Syracuse Area Cleaner Offers advise on Cleaning Laminate Floors

Cleaning laminate floors and cleaning them properly is important in order to keep them shiny and to avoid the dreaded 'yellow haze,' which is the most common complaint about this product.... Read More »

How to Hang a Rug - Suggestions by Trusted Syracuse Area Rug Cleaner

ABC Oriental Rug, trusted Syracuse area rug cleaner answers the question, Why hang a rug on a wall? There are so many good reasons! Perhaps you have run out of floor space. Or you have an extra... Read More »

Syracuse Area Cleaner Asks "Should You Actually Wash the Lint Trip in Your Dryer?"

When you empty the lint trap in your dryer after each load, you are helping with the air flow and lessening the danger of potential fires. But, according to Syracuse area cleaner ABC Oriental... Read More »


Do you actually ever wash your bed pillows or do you end up replacing them instead?  We know they can harbor all manner of dribble, drool, sweat, flaked skin, dust, dust mites, and dirt! But,... Read More »


The kitchen in your home contains many areas that can quickly become germ magnets if not cleaned regularly and properly. ABC Oriental Rug, your Syracuse Area Rug Cleaner warns of 2 of these and what... Read More »


Guess where one very small area of your kitchen is that when cleaned on a semi-yearly basis will actually save you money?   Did you know that if you spend 15 minutes once every six months... Read More »

Green Syracuse Area Rug Cleaner Offers Tips on Cleaning Computer Keyboards

ABC Oriental Rug is always concerned with cleaning 'GREEN.' Though our specialty is area rug cleaning (now in the Syracuse area), we are happy to offer information on any type of cleaning.... Read More »


MAKE ROOM FOR RUGS ABC Oriental Rug, your Syracuse area rug cleaner suggests if you ever find yourself in the enviable position of having to make room for rugs in your home, this article is for... Read More »


ABC Oriental Rug, your Syracuse area rug cleaner suggests if you ever find yourself in the enviable position of having to make room for rugs in your home, this article is for you. With so many... Read More »


Why would my dishwasher need cleaning? If it has hot water and soap going through it regularly why worry about cleaning it? ABC Oriental Rug, your Syracuse area green rug cleaner answers this... Read More »

Creative Rug Displays from Syracuse, NY Area Rug Cleaner

Creative rug displays give lovers of handmade rugs, especially oriental rugs, many different ways to use them. Hand woven rugs are truly works of art. Different weavers working on the same design... Read More »

Contemporary and Collectible Rugs for the Syracuse NY Area Oriental Rug Consumer

It may be surprising to see the words 'contemporary' and 'collectible' in the same sentence with 'oriental rugs!' Today, it seems sub-standard weavings from many different countries, featuring cheap... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Area Rug Cleaner uses Anti-Allergen Green Products

Syracuse, NY area rug cleaner, ABC Oriental Rug uses anti-allergen green products to clean your area rugs. We pride ourselves on providing a service which is safe for our customers, our employees,... Read More »

Oriental Rug Cleaning for the Syracuse, NY Area – Safe and Thorough

Oriental rugs are handmade works of art.  Their structure, design, size, country of origin, type of wool, dyes, etc. all determine their value.  One thing for sure, they are original and unique.... Read More »

Syracuse Area Rug Cleaner asks: Have You Tried Our Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning Service?

ABC Oriental Rug's cleaning plant is located in Ithaca, New York, a short distance from Syracuse. We provide an exceptional rug cleaning service according to the standards of the National Institute... Read More »

Preferred Syracuse, NY Oriental Rug Repair Specialist Offers Info on Serge Repair to Oriental Rugs

Hand Serge Repair Hand serge repair to oriental and other hand-made rugs is one of the repair options offered at ABC Oriental Rug.  We maintain a full-service rug repair department with... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Preferred Oriental Rug Repair Specialist Explains Hand and Machine Fringe Repair

FRINGE REPAIRHand and Machine Fringe repair on the ends of oriental and area rugs is one of the most popular repair services at ABC Oriental Rug. We can stabilize and rework the fringed ends of... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Veteran Rug Cleaner Dispels Myth About Asthma and Wool Carpets and Rugs

Asthma and Wool-The Truth This article about asthma and wool uses information from the WoolBlog, the blog authored by Stephen Parsons, Market Development & Innovation Manager at Wools of New... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Rug Specialist Advises Rug Pads for Most Oriental and Area Rugs

Why Pads? Rug pads and oriental and area rugs should go hand in hand.  Our policy at ABC is to suggest that the majority of rugs that come into our plant for cleaning should be placed on... Read More »

Purchasing an Oriental Rug - 5 Guidelines for Syracuse, NY Consumers

Are you thinking of purchasing an oriental rug but are concerned about how to go about choosing one?  Does it intimidate you that some oriental rugs can sell at well-known auctions for thousands or... Read More »

Syracuse Area Rug Cleaning Specialist Issues Warning About Tufted Rugs

TUFTED RUGSBUYER BEWARE! Tufted rugs that are manufactured with a hand-held tufting gun can produce a very nice-looking rug which can very closely imitate a hand-made oriental rug.  But ‘Buyer... Read More »

Painted Rugs - Syracuse, NY Oriental and Area Rug Cleaner Addresses Why This Occurs

  What Are Painted Rugs? Painted rugs are new or older oriental rugs that have areas that have been ‘painted’ with dye markers, colored inks or solvent-based tints.  Uninformed potential... Read More »

Syracuse Area Rug Expert Addresses The Value of Handmade Rugs

  ASSESSING THE VALUE OF HANDMADE RUGS Why Assess the Value of Handmade Rugs? At ABC, we are asked to assess the value of handmade rugs, as well as machine-made rugs, on a daily basis. We have... Read More »

Certified Carpet Inspector Advises: Choosing Wool Carpet or Rug-Good News or Baaad?

Did you know that choosing wool carpet or a wool rug for your home is both good news...and sometimes bad? The Good News About Choosing Wool The good news is that wool, which is a high quality fiber... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialist Explains White Knots in Oriental Rugs

What are Those White Spots in Oriental Rugs? White knots in oriental rugs are an inherent characteristic of authentic oriental rugs.  These rugs, with a luxurious, hand-knotted pile are objects of... Read More »

Syracuse, NY, Oriental Rug Expert Explains Abrash Coloration in Rugs

What is Abrash Coloration? ‘Abrash’ coloration (pronounced ‘uh-brash’) is the name for differing color patterns, colorations, and various shades or hues within a rug.   It is one of the... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Area Rug Cleaner Offers 6 Ways to Help Alleviate Adult Dog Urine “Accidents”

Adult Dog Urine? 6 ways to Help Alleviate Adult Dog Urine "Accidents!" Housetraining a puppy is not an easy task. But what about when adult dog urine "accidents" begin to happen indoors?  This is... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Rug Cleaner Offers Advice on Candle Wax Removal

CANDLE WAX REMOVAL FROM A CARPET OR AREA RUG Candle wax removal from a carpet or area rug can be tricky.  The candle wax itself is not so much of a problem, but considering the high heat of a... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Certified Rug Specialist Offers 5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Oriental and Area Rugs

Vacuum Frequently: ·         To extend the life of your oriental and area rugs, vacuuming frequently is a must.  Why?  Because everyday dust and dirt can settle into your rug. If the rug... Read More »

Why a Syracuse, NY Certified Rug Cleaner Would Say, "We Cannot Clean That Rug!"

WE CANNOT CLEAN THAT RUG! What do we really mean? We do NOT mean we are NOT ABLE to clean that rug.   It certainly does NOT mean we DO NOT HAVE THE TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE to clean that... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Professional Rug Cleaner Offers Tips on How to Vacuum Correctly

Vacuum Correctly, Vacuum Often and Vacuum Efficiently & Effectively When you vacuum correctly and vacuum often, you will be able to properly maintain your area rugs and carpet, upholstered... Read More »

Syracuse Area Rug Cleaner with 40+ Years Experience Offers Tips on Maintaining Your Vacuum for Proper Care of...

Maintaining your vacuum is your best weapon against untimely replacement of your carpet, rugs, and upholstery fibers.  Proper care of your carpet, rugs, and upholstery requires regular vacuuming.... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Area Rug Cleaner Highlights Types of Problems With Cleaning Rug Fringes

Fringe Deterioration Cleaning rug fringes on Oriental and area rugs is an important part of the cleaning process in our rug cleaning plant.  The cleaning itself is a complicated and intricate... Read More »

Rayon Area Rugs - Syracuse, NY Buyer Beware

When Rayon area rugs come into our plant for cleaning, most customers are genuinely surprised to find their rugs are man-made or machine-made.  Some believe their rug is silk, others that it is... Read More »

Certified Syracuse, NY Rug Cleaner Offers Special Rug Treatments For Your Oriental & Area Rugs

ABC offers a number of special rug treatments for your oriental and area rugs. It is important that our customers let us know if they have need for any of these special services so we can provide... Read More »

More About Moths from Experienced Syracuse, NY Area Rug Cleaner

This article will discuss more about moths, specifically the ones that eat our textiles.  If you are interested in learning even more about moths, a previous article, About Moths, offered more... Read More »

Experienced Area Rug Cleaner Offers Advice About Moths

Myth—I only need to worry about moths if my furnishings are made of wool.  In past years, textile-eating moths were common, due to the large amount of wool fibers in clothing and home... Read More »

Prevent Mold and Mildew in Your Home or Business Environment in Syracuse NY-4 Steps To Take

4 Steps to Take to Prevent Mold and Mildew Step 1.  Control and Monitor Relative Humidity In order to prevent mold and mildew, control of and monitoring of the relative humidity in the home or... Read More »

MOLD or MILDEW? Information on How to Identify for Syracuse, NY Home and Business Owners

It is not unusual to wonder what types of mold or mildew might possibly grow after water has penetrated your home or business.  Both are forms of fungi. Mildew is actually a type of mold.  They... Read More »

3 Steps to Take When a Flood Occurs in Your Home or Business in Syracuse, NY

When a flood occurs in your home or business, it must be dealt with as quickly as possible since this type of damage is a major cause of mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew will begin to develop... Read More »

Rug Care Between Cleanings-8 Essential Tips from Professional Syracuse, NY Area Rug Cleaner

Proper rug care between cleanings will extend the life of your area rugs.  Outlined below are 8 essential tips to help you care for your area rugs between cleanings: 1.  Padding (Underlayment or... Read More »

Certified Area Rug Cleaner in Syracuse, NY Answers the Question, Are My Rugs Dirty Enough to Clean?

Are My Area Rugs Dirty Enough to Clean? Are your area rugs dirty enough to clean? As soon as the sun starts to shine again in the Spring (especially after a long and cold winter) you may be quite... Read More »

Why Can’t My Area Rugs be Cleaned Right in My Own Home or Business in Syracuse, NY?

Why Cleaning Area Rugs in Your Own Home or Business is Not a Good Idea! At ABC, we often get questions from customers and prospective customers about why cleaning area rugs in their home or business... Read More »

What Causes Reappearing Spots and Spills on my Rugs After a Cleaning? Syracuse, NY Oriental and Area Rug...

Reappearing Spots and Spills Why do reappearing spots and spills sometimes occur on oriental and area rugs even after they have been thoroughly and professionally cleaned?  The reasons why this... Read More »


In a previous article on removing spots and stains using household ingredients (What's In Your Green Cleaning Arsenal?), we discussed 7 spotting solutions.  (Please refer to that article for more... Read More »

Green Area Rug Cleaning Expert Asks: Syracuse, NY Homeowners – What's in Your Green Cleaning Arsenal?

WHAT’S IN YOUR GREEN CLEANING ARSENAL? If you build your own ‘Green Cleaning Arsenal’ with certain combinations of everyday ingredients (and use proper techniques), you may be able to... Read More »

Respected Oriental Rug Cleaner in Syracuse, NY Warns Consumers: Beware of Chemically Washed Rugs

Beware of Chemically Washed Rugs! Beware of chemically washed rugs!  Did you know that many wool rugs sold today have had some kind of chemical treatment applied just after they were woven? ... Read More »

CLEANING SILK FIBERS can be disastrous if not done properly warns rug cleaning authority in Syracuse, NY

Silk fibers are being used increasingly in textile furnishings such as rugs, uholstery, and draperies.  Silk is a luxury fiber used in the manufacture of expensive, high-fashioned products.  It... Read More »

Consumers in Syracuse, NY Beware: Problems Inherent with Cleaning Flatwoven Rugs

WHAT IS A FLATWOVEN RUG? Flatwoven rugs, or 'flatweaves,' comprise numerous types of rugs with names such as: ·         Berber ·         Dhurrie ·         Drugget... Read More »

Leading Oriental Rug Cleaner for Syracuse, NY Warns About Dye Bleeding - BEWARE OF RUGS THAT RUN!

Dye Bleeding in Oriental Rugs Dye bleeding or dyes that run or bleed out from the dye sites in your rug can ruin your precious oriental rug.  Have you ever spilled a liquid on a rug and stood... Read More »

Latex Deterioration in Tufted Rugs Causes Cleaning and Wear Problems Warns Trusted Area Rug Cleaner in...

 BEWARE OF LATEX DETERIORATION! (ESPECIALLY IN TUFTED RUGS)   Have you taken up your area rug and found a large amount of dust-like particles under it?  Does your rug have an offensive odor that... Read More »

Oriental Rug Cleaning Expert in Syracuse, NY explains Shading and Pile Reversal in Rugs and Carpets

Shading and pile reversal can cause areas of a carpet or a rug to appear to be lighter or darker than the rest of the carpet.  Areas at one end of a rug may appear lighter while the other end may... Read More »

Experienced Rug and Carpet Cleaner Explains RIPPLING and BUCKLING in CARPETS and AREA RUGS to Consumers in...

WHAT CAUSES RIPPLING and BUCKLING? Rippling and buckling in carpets and area rugs usually occurs because most textiles are made under tension. Tension is necessary so the loom will function... Read More »


ABC’s Allergy Relief Treatment may be the answer for you if you are one of the 70 million Americans that suffer from allergies or allergic illnesses such as asthma or sinusitis. You already know... Read More »

Sun Fading in Oriental and Area Rugs explained by Rug expert in Syracuse, NY

The rug pictured above has suffered severe sun fading to the face yarns on its front side.  If the colors on the front were still as vibrant as those shown on the back, this antique rug would be... Read More »

Experienced Syracuse, NY Oriental Rug Expert Advises What To Do About Urine on Oriental Rugs

When you find urine on oriental rugs, do not panic!  There are 2 steps that you can take right away that can minimize the damage and perhaps avoid a permanent stain.  (These steps are specifically... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Homeowners - Is it Really Possible to Clean Effectively With Natural Green Cleaning Options?

GREEN CLEANING OPTIONSIs It Really Possible to Clean with Green Cleaning Options and Still Get Results That Equal or Surpass Cleaning with Today's Commercial Cleaners? Yes, it is most definitely... Read More »

Oriental Rugs – A Personal Account Shared by ABC Oriental Rug for Syracuse, NY

The following is an except from an article, Oriental Rugs – Art You Can Walk On, posted by Elaine Rogers on Saturday, May 3, 2014, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Ms. Rogers tells about... Read More »

Wool Fiber - Surprising Facts From a Trusted Rug Cleaner in Syracuse, NY!

Wool fiber is extraordinary.  Not only is it all natural, renewable, and biodegradable, but it won't burn and is anti-static as well.    Because our specialty at ABC Oriental Rug is the washing... Read More »

Silk Production-An Ethical Dilemma? Long-Time Oriental Rug Cleaner Talks About the Dark Side of Silk...

SILK PRODUCTION – AN ETHICAL DILEMMA Silk production goes on today in much the same way it did centuries ago. But there is a dark side. This process does pose an ethical dilemma to the growing... Read More »

Rug Cleaning and Repair Specialist Defines Rug Terminology for Consumers in Syracuse, NY

The following article explains some important rug terminology gleaned from a blog by rugger, Lynn Tall, that may prove to be very helpful to our ABC clients as well: RUG TERMINOLOGY BY AGE Antique-... Read More »

Experienced Oriental and Area Rug Cleaner Gives Advice on Textile Insects in Rugs: What They Are and How to...

TEXTILE INSECTS SUCH AS CARPET BEETLES and MOTHS DO NOT ONLY ATTACK WOOL and SILK! It is important to remember that textile insects such as carpet beetles and clothes moths can digest protein... Read More »

Area Rug Cleaner Offers Advice on Purchasing New Carpet or Area Rugs – How to Choose Wisely in Syracuse, NY!

Area rug cleaner, ABC Oriental Rug, offers the following advice on purchasing new carpet or area rugs for your home in Syracuse, NY:  Decisions about purchasing new carpet or an area rug for your... Read More »

Expert Rug Cleaner in Syracuse, NY Answers the Question, Is My Rug Made of Real Silk?

Expert Rug Cleaner in Syracuse, NY, ABC Oriental Rug, answers the question, "Is my rug made of real silk?" with the tips offered below. Do you possess a real silk rug?  Occasionally a client will... Read More »

Professional Area & Oriental Rug Cleaner offers tips on Choosing Between New Carpeting or Wood Flooring for...

TIME FOR A CHANGE? ABC Oriental Rug is a professional area and oriental rug cleaner. Though our carpet, upholstery, and tile and grout cleaning services are only available in Tompkins and Cortland... Read More »

Syracuse, NY Oriental Rug Cleaner Warns of the Health Hazards of Mixing Chlorine Bleach with Some Other...

At ABC, we offer suggestions for in-home cleaning with common 'natural' cleaners vs. commercial cleaners which may contain toxic chemicals.  However, it is important to remember that certain of... Read More »

Oriental Rug Cleaning, Syracuse, NY Speaks Out on Antibacterial Products-Reasons Why Not to Use Them!

Antibacterial products, especially liquid hand soaps containing antibacterial compounds, are readily made available for use, especially when cold and flu season comes around.  All of us want to... Read More »

ABC Oriental Rug Earns Esteemed 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award

This award reflects our company’s consistently high level of customer service ABC has earned the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of... Read More »


What is Dry Rot? Dry rot is a condition that can occur in older textiles and furnishings, especially those with a cellulosic fiber such as cotton, flax (linen), jute and similar fibers, can slowly... Read More »

Urine Odor Removal from Area Rugs at ABC Syracuse, NY

Of all the reasons for cleaning an oriental or area rug, urine odor removal is clearly the most requested at ABC.  Yes, we can successfully remove urine odor from all hand or machine-woven, natural... Read More »