Oriental Rug Cleaning for the Syracuse, NY Area – Safe and Thorough


Oriental rugs are handmade works of art.  Their structure, design, size, country of origin, type of wool, dyes, etc. all determine their value.  One thing for sure, they are original and unique. Even 2 rugs made side to side on the same loom may have differences in knot count, dye lot, etc.

Oriental Rug Cleaning for the Syracuse, NY area by ABC Oriental Rug guarantees your rugs will be cleaned in the most safe and thorough way. This takes a great amount of training and specific equipment designed for cleaning oriental rugs. Because each rug is different and has been used (and possibly abused) differently, they must be thoroughly inspected before cleaning by a trained technician to make sure problems that may arise during that cleaning can be carefully documented and presented to the customer.  It is the customer who must make the final decision about cleaning based on the estimate.

At ABC Oriental Rug, we clean all types of rugs, not just oriental rugs. Our procedures ensure that each rug, whether a handmade treasure or a store-bought synthetic, will be treated with the utmost respect and concern for the customer’s expectations of a safe and thorough cleaning. 

Because we have a full-service repair department as well as a full-service cleaning plant, we can offer a variety of ways to bring back to new life rugs that have had their ends and sides damaged. We can add new manufactured fringe or new or manufactured finishes to the sides by hand or machine, as well as many other services for your rugs. Binding is also available. For a complete list of repair services, please click here.

ABC Oriental Rug offers a free Pick up and delivery of all rugs and this service is now available in Onondaga County. Please note, if you are able to bring in and pick up your rugs at our Ithaca, NY plant, you will receive a discount. Please call ABC Oriental Rug at 607-272-1566 for more information on our pick up and delivery service and for the utmost in oriental rug cleaning for the Syracuse, NY area.  You may also contact us here or fill out the form below and we will be pleased to contact you.

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