One of the most popular services we provide is professional oriental and area rug cleaning. An oriental rug is a hand-knotted rug constructed of natural fibers. Area rugs not classified as 'oriental' are machine-made rather than hand-made or hand-knotted. These rugs can contain either natural or synthetic fibers or a combination of both. Examples of machine-made rugs are Karastans and tufted rugs.

Specialty rugs are also a large part of our oriental and area rug washing service. They include, but are not limited to Navajo, Flokati, Hooked, Dhurrie, Braid, Karastan, Wilton, Axminster, Stark, Edwards, Fields and Custom-Bordered Rugs.  Most of these rugs are constructed of natural fibers such as wool and cotton.  They all require special treatments in order to properly clean them.

CAUTION: ORIENTAL RUG WASHING (or any area rug or fine textile) SHOULD NEVER BE DONE IN YOUR HOME!  Washing a rug requires dusting, cleaning of both the front and back, controlled drying with proper equipment, and in some cases, special fringe treatments. This cannot be accomplished in your home or place of business.

Whether constructed of wool, cotton, nylon, polyester, olefin, acrylic or a natural or synthetic blend, our staff will treat all your rugs as if they were fine hand-made treasures.



All rugs that enter our plant go through a pre-cleaning inspection which is intended to make the owner aware of any problems the rug may have prior, during, or after the cleaning.  If your rug is a hand-made rug, we will attempt to identify the country of origin.  Fiber types, rug construction, knotting techniques, dye systems, and geographic regions and cultures are all variables that will have an impact on the method used during the cleaning process. 

For all rugs, it is important to ascertain if extra treatments, such as urine odor removal, moth and other insect decontamination, repairs (hand and/or machine), dye stabilizations or removals, etc. would be recommended.  We want to ensure you that your rug will be properly cared for from the moment it comes into our plant until its return to your home.


For many rugs, our Tumble Duster is the first step in the rug cleaning process and for certain rugs it can be the last step as well.  This is the best way to remove the embedded dust and dirt (dry particulate soil) from most rugs. The machine gently cycles first one way and then another and the length of time a rug spends in the machine is dependent on the type of fiber and the construction of the rug.


After thorough dusting, the rugs are placed on the plant floor where dyes are stabilized and the rug is scrubbed with a gentle detergent to loosen soils and oils. When on the floor, spots are addressed and the rug is rinsed.


Rugs are thoroughly flushed with gallons of water to completely rinse out any residual chemicals before being placed into the wringer where most of the water is wrung out.





The temperature-controlled drying room is the next step where the rugs are carefully hung until dry.



The rugs are tested and brought down when dry to be inspected.  If a rug does not pass inspection, it will go through the washing process again at no additional charge to the customer.


Rugs that pass inspection are vacuumed on both sides, the piles are groomed, they are rolled, and then put into clean bins for storage.  

When your rug is ready for pick up, you will receive a call or email.  Please pick up your rug within 30 days of this notification.  

We make every attempt to compete your order within 1 week, whether for pick up or delivery, unless a repair has been authorized.  Repairs generally take longer.  In those cases, we will have your rug ready as soon as it is possible.



Special treatments are available such as soil and stain protector, moth protection, etc.  Please see Special Rug Treatments and Special Rug Products on this website.

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