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Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the art of rug repair. It takes a great deal of time, training, and study to understand and identify the complexity of hand-knotted rugs such as oriental rugs. It also takes years of studying fiber types, rug construction, knotting techniques, dye systems, geographic regions, and cultures.

Understanding and respecting the weavers and their methods of rug construction and the environment in which these rugs were woven allows us to be at the top of a unique list of quality professional firms offering oriental rug repair.

Because we know that time, animals, vacuums, etc. can wreak havoc with not only valuable oriental or specialty rugs, but with machine-made area rugs as well, we are prepared to offer repair estimates based on both hand and machine repair.


Our estimates for hand work will never exceed the monetary value of a rug.Very often, an older rug with little or no monetary value, but with a great deal of sentimental value, will need repairs that simply do not warrant more expensive hand work.  These might include side machine binding (as below), latex patches, etc.  Our machine work offers a less expensive solution to make any rug more usable and to improve its appearance.





The end of a rug is where the fringes can be found.  Repairs to fringed ends are very popular since the fringes tend to get damaged more easily and long before other parts of rugs show wear.  We have several options available:  

Hand overcasting of the fringed ends will secure them from further unraveling.  Stripping the rug down to an undamaged row of pile is usually required to create an even fringe.  

We can also Re-Insert Fringes, by hand,  into the foundation of the rug to replicate the original fringe.

Hand Stitiching of a Pre-Woven Fringe is a good choice, appearance-wise, when overcasting is not enough and hand insertion of fringes may exceed the value of the rug.  The original fringe, if still present, will be cut just after any knots, if possible, giving the customer the option of removing the pre-woven fringe and having the rug restored by hand at a future time.  



For machine-made rugs especially, a less expensive procedure is Machine Stitching of a Pre-woven Fringe.

We also offer many examples of Specialty Fringe Work such as decorative chain/Cashmere Stitch, Tea-washing of Fringe, etc.


The side of an oriental rug, referred to as the Serge, is another area often in need of repair.  

With Hand Serge Repair, a hand stitch is applied first which binds the edge of the rug and protects it from unraveling. Then one of several different styles of stitches (depending on the country of origin) will be applied, restoring the rug as closely as possible to its original appearance and value.


Machine Serging is also available, which binds the edges of the rug, protecting it from unraveling.  This process is not recommended for hand-made rugs unless the hand serging would exceed the value of the rug.  

Cloth binding is generally used for cut machine-made area rugs to prevent fraying.


A hole can be Patched with a piece of another rug with a similar design.  This will stop any further damage to the rug and help to preserve it.  Though we will search for the most similar design for a patch, it most certainly will not be possible to be an exact match.

When patching is not desired, Hand Reweaving, a labor-intensive type of repair for holes and tears in rugs is available. This will involve reweaving the damaged area by hand with wool, silk and/or cotton.  The rug will be restored to a condition as close as possible to the original weaver's design.

Tears can also be hand-sewn and, additionally, may need latex patching on the back of the rug to preserve the rug's structural integrity.



The following services are also available for all rugs:  

  • Cutting Rug to Size
  • De-Curling of Edges on Rug
  • Dye Removal
  • Heat-Seaming of a Rug
  • Leatherette Stripping Application to Edge
  • Reversing Scrim on Hooked Rug
  • Spot Dyeing
  • Tack-Out (Squaring) of a Rug or Tapestry
  • Velcro Application for Hanging Rug or Tapestry


We take great pride in the combined knowledge of our staff and our experience in identifying, cleaning, and repairing oriental and area rugs.

Any repairs we suggest will be based on our understanding of the fiber and construction of each individual rug.

You can trust our staff to offer you the best repair option for your rug at a fair and reasonable cost to you.

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